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What are Reed diffuser air freshener? 

A decorative alternative to traditional air fresheners. Reed diffuser air fresheners utilize rattan sticks as a unique means of diffusion. These sticks can be placed within the corresponding container that contains air freshener in a liquid format.

This type of air freshener is a novel way to provide aroma when compared to traditional models. Traditional air fresheners provided a fragrant odour without taking into account decorative aspects. Thanks to the reed diffuser air fresheners, pleasant aromas and bespoke designs are available now in a single package.

How do reed diffuser air fresheners work?

Thanks to capillary action, the sticks absorb the liquid contained within the reservoir. This allows them to effectively diffuse the aroma. The sticks must be separated in order for the fresheners to work properly. To increase the aroma they are more effective when they are not touching each other.

What are the reeds made off?

Often referred to canes or rods, they are made of rattan. These sticks originate from Asia, Africa and Australia, as their slim stems stand out from similar plants. This material is similar to wicker and it is grown within regions containing bamboo, but solid roots and thin stems are ideal for air fresheners.

Cristalinas adds a distinctive touch with dyed reeds. Thanks to 0% alcohol, these reeds can be coloured without worrying about the dye coming off. This unique quality sets us apart from similar providers. The colours of the sticks will vary depending upon the hue of the chosen perfume.

Why 0% alcohol? 

Alcohol-free air fresheners last longer and they are able to provide more intense aroma. Traditional air fresheners tend to lose their scent within a handful of weeks. When the alcohol dissipates, the aroma decreases. This is not the case with our air fresheners that contain 0% alcohol.

How to maximize the aromas offered by reed diffuser air fresheners?

Ideally, all of the rattan sticks should be fully inserted so that they settle into the bottom of the liquid reservoir. The sticks should be spaced apart in order to maximise the aromatic diffusion. Wait approximately 30 minutes to determine if the rods have fully absorbed the liquid. Once they have absorbed the liquid, the position of the reeds should be reversed in order to maximise their airborne diffusion. Ideally, perform this step as many times as possible on the first day to maximise the aromatic effects.

These air fresheners are ideally suited for environments of 22º and with humidity levels between 40 and 45%. Odour intensity and duration will therefore vary depending upon temperature, humidity and where the air fresheners are placed. Regardless of the conditions, reed diffuser air fresheners will provide any room with a pleasant aroma that can accompany you throughout the day; without losing intensity over time.

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